Welcome Rainy Season

Enjoy a getaway during rainy season

The rainy season is one of the pleasant time to visit the north. The rains bring respite from the heat, and the landscape returns to its strikingly-gorgeous shade of green. There are plenty of other special treats at Hug Inn Phrae to please you stay in Phrae, a small quite town in North of Thailand.

The rainy season is important – and welcome – to those who earn their meagre living from the land.

Ploughing is possible as the parched dust or concreted earth soaks up most of the rain and becomes the rich farming soil upon which, many important crops can be grown.

Rice for instance – without the rainy season – is no-go.

The countryside springs back into life, taking on a fresh look and attitude. The cities get their very welcome ‘spring-clean’ and dusting down – or off. Most of the accumulated dust and smaller debris is whisked off into the nearest drain – and then to the sea via a river. The drains themselves are generally in need of the washing down.

So generally, everyone is pleased of the respite from the heat, come the rainy season. However, if you drive a motorbike, and have either ignored the twenty-minute warning, or perhaps thought that you could make it to your destination – racing the rain – you will probably be ‘not pleased’.

The promotion includes

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  • Free breakfast
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